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Elena Bakurova was born in the beautiful northern city of Arkhangelsk.  She has been singing since childhood, but ever imagined that her fate would lead her to take music seriously. First, she received the highest degree of education in Electric Engineering and went on to practice in Germany. She then continued her education and received the highest degree in Teaching. Her musical career only began in 2008, with the participation of urban music project "The Power of Song." After Elena first came on stage, she could not longer image her live without it. She first sang the famous works but after meeting Nikolai Belyaev, a songwriter living in Moscow, Elena's repertoire started to include song written especially for her.


At first Elena just recorded her songs and put them on the internet, nothing thinking any further. One day she received an offer from St. Petersburg to participate in the musical film "Some Like It Hot" with Alice Cher. In the film, Elena sang three songs. While in St. Petersburg she met  Alla Sandler, a Russian singer who lives and owns a booking agency in the United States. Elena was invited to take part in an International festival, of which the finals took place in New York.


In 2013 Elena Bakurova participated in the filming of "Night Taxi", and in 2014 participated in the festival in memory of Arkadiy Severny, in St. Petersburg. In the same year she recorded her first album "Let Go Of Me"  in the "Night Taxi" studio of  Alexander Frumin. Elena continues to pursue her singing career, working on songs and improving her voice.



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