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Inessa  is a singer, musician, and composer. She was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. There, she graduated from the Kiev Music College of Culture and Cultural Institute majoring as a band-leader of folk instruments. She finished an accordion class in the jazz department.


Inessa immigrated to the United States from Kiev in 1993, where she is currently living and working as a singer, entertainer, vocal producer and composer in the Chicago area. Her repertoire consists of  500 songs of various genres in multiple languages and she has a new album called "Maximalistka" in russian with her original songs.


Inessa was a Finalist at the LaMuzon International Festival in New York in March 2014.


Inessa was awarded the People’s Choice Award at a Hollywood International Entertainment Competition called "Who is Who in Hollywood" in Los Angeles, December, 2014 with the song "I Don't Trust You Anymore" by Eduard Saltsov (New York).


Inessa also works with the Russian Channel "Night Taxi" from St. Petersburg. She has already recorded 9 compositions with the channel based on her own music and music from other composers like Felix Lutskiy from New York, Eduard Saltsov from New York, and Marat Sidelsky from Chicago. Most of her lyrics where written by Vasily Galas, a poet from Ukraine. Vasily Galas has his recognition as a member of Writers' Guild of Russia. Inessa also used lyrics in her songs from Svetlana Galinkina (New York) and Elena Yarmolovych (Minsk, Belorussia).


Inessa performed at the festival of Arkadiy Severniy called "Octyabrskiy" in St. Petersburg, Russia on April of 2015. The auditorium in St. Petersburg has hosted everyone from the Bolshoi Ballet to Elton John.


The 9th episode of the film "New and Better" included Inessa's solo album "Maximalistka", which came out in December, 2014. Arrangements for these compositions where produced by Igor Mescoi (New York), Eduard Saltsov (New York), Armen Oganesyan (St. Petersburg) and Dmitry Sobolev (New York).


In June 2015 INESSA PRODUCED HER SHOW "WHo's Who in Russian Chicago", where she performed songs from her new releases accompanied by "CHICAGO DESTINY BAND" and invited other artists to perform her own compositions hosted by Felix Lutskiy (New York)


In August  2015 Inessa was a finalist at a Music Festival in Jurmala, Latvia with her song "Talked to Myself' , music by Inessa and lyrics by Vasiliy Galas.


Right now Inessa is working on her new compositions, songs with Slava Makarkin and Chicago Destiny Band!!!


Her new song "In My Dreams I fly" will go to Los Angeles in December 2015 with Chicago Destiny Band group. More to reveal!!!




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