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Composer and performer.


Mark Taytler has been composing songs since  2010. He works for and with the known and famous singers around the globe. For instance, last his project with Rustam Shtar’s released CD "At the Edge of Loneliness". As well including the duet "On the first snow" sung by Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Rustam Shtar.


He worked and helped to release the CD of Alla Slavina as a composer, singer and arranger.


Mark has 7 songs in radio rotation. His songs were also on the international television programs "Field of Dreams", "Podmoscowie", "Night Taxi" and heard on television programs "While Everyone Is Home" and "Born in the USSR".


Collaborations include: Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Rustam Shtar, Slava Medyanik, Xenia Georgiadi, Anatoly Yarmolenko (Ensemble "Siabry"), Alla Slavin, Yuhan, Svetlana Portnyanskaya, Michael Gulko, Tanya Morozova (Group "Gone with the Wind"), Ruslan Alehno, Leonid Portnoy, Marina Lvovskaya, Kurban, Juliana and Galina Zabolotskiy, Irchik and many others.


Mark was born in Kazan. He graduated Music College and Music Conservatory in Minsk, where he studied piano. Later, he worked at the Chamber Jewish Theater of Yuri Sherling. Then he was a leader of the ensemble "Minchane" in the Minsk Philharmonic and ingaged himself in teaching.


Since 1990, Mark has lived and worked in the USA engaging in teaching activities in New York. For twenty years he worked as a pianist in a professional ballet and now his fifth year of working as the Director of Entertainment and Music programs at the center for Russian-speaking Immigrants. Last year he become one of the Jury for one of the most prestige contests in New York "LA MUZON".


Mark Taytler, as a song composer, surrounds himself with the best and well-known poets such as Alla Goltseva, Alexander Shinenkov, Olga Buzova and Inna Zaslavskaya.


He already has a count of 250 songs and 4 released albums: "Take Care of Love", "Spinnin Soul", "All Over", "Light of the Menorah", some of them already are on the radio.


In October 2011 Mark presented his first album, "Take Care of love” at the Author’s Gala Concert in the Hall of the "Millennium" theater in New York.


One of the best of Mark's song has count of 650,000 clicks on the YouTube.




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