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OlegSweet professional musician, singer begins to consider self-expression in the realm of a personal project. The idea to create such a project was formed as soon as Oleg arrived in the United States, but did not begin to get realized until 2011.


The solo project was named OlegSweet. Oleg got that nickname from members of his band "Das Butt" because he was an attentive, happy and joyful band member and human being. Besides that, as a young man he was a fan of the English glam rock band "Sweet". The album "Thank You for the Love" is distinguished by the high quality of musical arrangement and recording, and it is done in the rhythm-and-blues style, recalling the best work of Chris Ry. All of the songs are filled with love, not only for women, but for life itself, and for rock music as Oleg's main occupation, which he enthusiastically performs on two continents. "The revolutions in music are over" - says Oleg about his creative work, -"everyone just wants a good song. Nobody is surprised by the quality of recording anymore, but good songs are always hard to come by." -Adding, "My songs don't have any words just for the rhyme, each one is backed up by personal experience." Sincere words, filled with love and beautiful, masterfully performed and recorded music - that is the real recipe for good songs. If you are also searching for songs like those, then Oleg's creations - are for you.








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