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Richard Egoyan, a Renaissance man in the making, was born in Los Angeles, California.  Richard is 11 years old and currently attending Middle School in Burbank, California.

From birth, Richard has traveled frequently, and this exposure to different cultures, peoples and nations has contributed to his spirit of adventure and exploration in all areas of his life.

He is a busy and energetic young man with a desire to learn and grow, and he displays a passion to strive for excellence at whatever he tries.  Among his many interests, he plays tennis, he participates in ballroom dancing competitions for his age group, he practices martial arts, and he studies and plays the piano.

Richard was a Grand Prize winner of the Colibri-2013 International Music Festival in Los Angeles, and an honorable laureate of the Southern California Junior Bach Festival in 2014.  He also has achieved a record of outstanding

performances in California Open and California Star Ballroom dancing competitions, as well as gaining experience in the hosting of various musical and social events as the master of ceremonies.

In 2015, the President’s Education Award was presented to Richard in recognition of his outstanding academic excellence.  In addition to the many opportunities and activities he has been fortunate enough to pursue and take advantage of, Richard occupies himself with interests and causes that go beyond the personal, as he focuses a lot of effort and energy into protecting the environment, conservation awareness, and striving to be useful to his community, whenever and wherever he can.









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