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Serge Melensky was born and grow up in Estonia. A person whose life was always around musical stage, Serge began with hosting various school events as a DJ at the age of 10. By age of 19 he became a prize winner of competition of DJs in Estonia. His infinite attempts of producing local young talent in Tallinn during “the daring ‘90s” slowly developed into organizing more professional events such as Baltic tours of eminent and newly made Russian popular bands. At 24, he became an owner of a bar/night club in a resort town where he was a Director and DJ simultaneously. But his soul was eager for more; even living here in the USA, stage could not stop calling him.


Eventually all this energy led him into the music path from the other side: various melodies and words began coming to mind and it was necessary only to record it somewhere on the paper and via dictaphone and proceed to recording studios.


Creative people often get called ‘crazy’ when their talent is not in demand. When the fame and popularity strikes they are called ‘Stars'. A well known Russian proverb can be paraphrased into “Band those musicians who don’t dream to be 'Music Stars' ”. Thus, Serz Melenky merged together, once and forever.


As of today, Serz is the participant of Gala Concert “Russian Style Festival of 2013” (West Hollywood, CA) and finalist of International Musical Competition “LA Muzon 2014” (New York, NY).




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