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Sergey Chipenko is a pianist, composer, and an honored artist of Russia. He created a group called "Trans Atlantic" more than 25 years ago, thereby starting to acquaint the Russian public, with then-unknown while lovely and melodic style of music called Smooth Jazz.


Since its introduction as a kind of improvisational art, jazz has undergone many transformations and changing over time its stylistic direction and art semantic content comes to us today without limitation, social, geographical, cultural and national frameworks. The only thing that remains constant is the beauty and attractiveness of this music.


Modern jazz, which appeared as a result of the synthesis of classical and modern styles of jazz, today is designated as Contemporary jazz, encompassing Fusion, Soul, Crossover, and Smooth Jazz styles. It is the latter, the style of Smooth Jazz, taht Sergey Chipenko has been promoting for the greater part of his brilliant career, which began for him as early as the age of five. Sergey played in front of outstanding musicians of that time - Shostakovich, Richter, Shchedrin, Khachaturian, Kabalevsky listened and evaluated the music played by this little brilliant pianist. Despite the fact that many predicted a bright future for Sergey in classical music, finding in it no outlet for his feelings and thoughts Sergey chose to go with free-style smooth jazz and did not make a mistake in doing so.


Today Sergey Chipenko and his brand of Trans Atlantic synonymize these words - skill, professionalism, style and quality. In today's music business in Russia there is hardly a person who does not know who is Sergey Chipenko and his group. Since its inception, Trans Atlantic has been composed of a lot of musicians. These musician where trained by Sergey and then began their own solo careers. Many of them will be able to say that for them it was a school, Sergey is an exceptional melodist and  sound aesthetics are most important to him in music. With Trans Atlantic's phenomenal performance skills, a great sense of harmony and perfect improvisations Sergey won many admirers.


About 15 years ago, Sergey conducted the first joint concert with a visiting American musician. This idea of performing concerts with foreign artists became very popular with the public and still is today. During the last 15 years Sergey Chipenko and his band have performed with an astounding amount of world famous musicians of today: David Sanborn, Dave Koz, David Mann, Richard Elliott, Jimmy Haslip, Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber, Will Kennedy, Phil Perry and many others.



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