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Tatyana Sarycheva has emerged as one of the entertainment industry most influential people to watch. Recently, after being International TV Host, today she is a director and producer for TV Shows, as well, she is the one of the great singers working in Los Angeles and founder of Rullywood non-profit organization,  a visionary who has created an Avenue for International musicians, actors and actresses, producers, singers, artists, comedians and other entertainment industry professionals to connect with their audiences through new media concepts.

Tatyana began her career as a musician and singer, establishing relationships with entertainment heavyweights in Eastern Europe. At age of 9, young Tatyana made her debuts with concerts as a soloist of the State Children's Choir and Orchestra and studied singing and plays a piano.  At age of 14 she starts helping with voice recordings on sound-studio "Alpha".

With music classes in Russia Music University, at age of 16, she became City Choir Conductor of physicians and was conducting them for a while. In her 17, she already was seated as a judge for talent competitions in Russia, next to the great people of that time. After that, Tatyana continued study in Russia State Conservatory as a conductor. Tatyana Sarycheva got her training from ones of the best music teachers, professors, respected and honored people in music.

Since 1995, Tatyana lives in Los Angeles. In summer of 2012, she was recognized for her excellent work with International artists in Los Angeles and became a Cover Girl for international women's favorite magazine in California, Russian City Girl (Gorozhanka).

On November 15, 2015, Tatyana was honored with "Lady in Red" Diamond Rose Award by Multicultural Motion Picture Association's (MMPA).









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