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VILONA - String Duet


The first performance of the violin duo of Olga Dmitrieva and Shayakhmetova Helena passed in spring 2003. At the time, the duo still had no name but it was created in a  few months. Initially, performances were held in cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues and outdoor areas of the city. Gradually the duo become known among the townspeople, collected and built up by the program of performance, won the first fans.


Since early 2006, work began on creating and writing CD-ROM. By the time of the official registration of the LLC "Violin Duet" VILONA "in April 2006 in a program the duo not only foreign works, but also his own compositions. In November 2006 publication of the first own album" VILONA "with the same name. In February 2007 in the shops of the city appears on the market, and the first DVD-disk with a "live" duet at the presentation of his album. duo continues to become well-known and popular not only in the local and regional levels, but also throughout the country and abroad. duo takes a long time highly ranked website Hollywood, and some of his compositions have the highest scores and titles "Track of the Day", "Track of the Week", etc. and get some radio stations broadcast in the U.S.. spring 2007 video "VILONA" into the net broadcasting "First Music Channel" in Belarus. A summer 2007 comes and the first major victory for the duo in Russia - received the highest score of listeners online and, accordingly, taking first place in the competition, "VILONA" was invited to Moscow Luzhniki rock-festival "hero of our time." Toward the end of summer, the duo was invited and became one of the headliners of the "Slavic Festival" held in January 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, USA.



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