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Who is Vitaly Goncharov? That's rather simple... Singer, composer, and a poet. Author of over 100 songs. From birth, he absorbed the rhythms of hard rock. Adherent of hard rock, trying himself in various musical genres - from chanson to popular music... Back in 70s-80s, went through the fate of many fellows, believing in music: playing on weddings and parties. Earning awards and winning musical contests with his bands. Years of studying in polytechnic institute and non stop musical activity. Sessions, labs, exams... let them all burn. Just grab a guitar and onwards towards fame, that's always close, yet is so far. His musical addiction was fed by legends like Deep Purple and Led Zepplin, as well as Soviet bands of the past, such as Круиз, Воскресение*. They always seemed high and out of reach. There have been flights, falls, disappointments... and silence. Years of absence from guitar and microphone. But fate always pulled back towards music. And now, being on a new musical turn, he felt a new portal, allowing to once again, bring the finger tips to her majesty, MUSIC. New songs : happy and sad, heavy and soft, but as always luring the fans of his art. Love and loneliness is the main topic of his songs, but the period is not set there. That's what creativity is, always calling for new musical exploits.



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