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If you are International Talent, submit your application which should consist of your name (first and last), height, weight, contact phone number, email address and your pictures.





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 Rullywood Music Awards collaborates with great Music Festivals in California and other events. Support performers with variety of friendly publicity.





Rullywood Music Awards present Russian Music Festival in Los Angeles "Kakie Ludi V Hollywoode?"


Хотите войти в историю Русского Голливуда?

Станьте участником съемок уникального теле-концерта!

Русский Музыкальный Фестиваль "Какие Люди в Голливуде?"

Звезды фестиваля - Ведущий программы певец и композитор Феликс Луцкий! На сцене музыканты, танцоры и певцы из Чикаго, - Инесса и Chicago Destiny Band,

из Лос-Анджелеса, и другие.



Прекрасные возможности для спонсоров!


Faor more information with follow ups, please contact directly Tatyana Sarycheva, founder of Rullywood by email or text to 310-968-4809.




Rullywood company is raising all the standards in luxury events and proud to offer casting call for the talent and beautiful speak-person


 We are looking for a new face as TV-Host in Los Angeles for 2017 events. If you are age 18+ looking glamorous, have charisma and ambitions to have this job, we are certainly wait to hear from you. You can become the Leading Lady on Rullywood events and perform on a big stages, Rullywood Music Awards, TV interviews "Kakie Ludi V Hollywoode?" Work as a TV reporter on the Red Carpet with Hollywood Stars.



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